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My Story

In the summer of 2009 I sustained a traumatic leg injury from a mountain biking accident. In the face of pain, surging adrenaline and potential panic I remained extraordinarily calm and clear headed even reassuring those around me. In the aftermath I realized that my ability to be a force of calm and comfort is a gift and one that should be shared. I attribute my demeanor and coping skills to many years practicing yoga. After my recovery I delved deeper into the science of yoga; fascinated by the power of pranayama (breath), the chakras (energy), anatomy and philosophy. I started arriving on my mat with a renewed sense of purpose, an excitement to learn and a certainty that all this work was greater than me.

Through yoga I started listening to and trusting my inner voice until I was ready to hear what my heart had to say. When I got to the root of my belief system at the core was human connection. I believe there is nothing more important in life than human connection and that relationship and bond begins during pregnancy, is first experienced at birth and is most fragile immediately post-partum. I knew that my life work was to be spent protecting the sacred transition of couples as they carry new life into the world. My passion is to support the revered process of woman giving birth: creating a safe, loving and supportive environment where the focus and most important task at hand is delivering a healthy baby and immediately bonding postpartum.

After spending 10 years in corporate America I was ready to leave a successful career for a more fulfilling life. Naturally a passionate person I wanted my life work to reflect my beliefs. It took me many years to uncover my truth but once I did, I began the path of the Doula. I became educated through DONA an internationally recognized organization that strives to offer the highest quality labor care to woman and their partners. I have completed over 300 hours of yoga training, 100 of those specifically focused on Pre-natal to gain a better understanding of the changes women experience emotionally and physically during pregnancy. I’m also trained in the Bradly Method of Child Birth and consider myself an Ambassador of Birth. By nature I am a kind, caring and intuitive person who thrives in situations that help others. My feminine, empathetic, nurturing and calming energy make me a natural fit to accompany couples into the delivery room; providing comfort, knowledge and support during their moment of transformation.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Blessings ~ Lindsay