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As you grow your baby and prepare to step into the sacred space of motherhood your mind, body and intuitive state go through dramatic changes. You are preparing for the vast role that we as women have been gifted, yet in modern day society many things that accompany this special transition are not often discussed or embraced.

Working with a Doula, a trained and experienced birthing professional, can help you navigate this blessed yet often unsure time with consciousness, knowledge and support. My goal as a Doula is to empower women and their partners to have whatever birth experience they envision. I will work with you to prepare a birth plan that reflects your values and wishes. We will discuss options including benefits and risks so that you can make informed decisions on your special day.

My services Include:

  • 2-3 Pre-Natal Visits
  • Assistance in writing a birth plan
  • 24/7 phone and email support throughout the duration of your pregnancy
  • Continuous physical, emotional and informational support for you and your partner
  • On-Call availability during your due month
  • Access to a local Doula network (Birth Assistance of Boulder)
  • Breathing techniques for stress reduction and labor preparation
  • Visualization and Meditation
  • Aromatherapy, massage and acupressure methods
  • Pre and Post Natal Yoga*
  • Birth Photos
  • 1-2 Post-Partum Visit